Saturday, June 18, 2011

Importance of SAP Certification?

As I have discussed  SAP is the largest ERP solution provider and about 70% of Forbes 500 companies are running on ERP provided by SAP.There is a huge demand of SAP professional around the world.After keeping an eye on this demand,SAP has started a certification program which is delivered by SAP education partners across the world.SAP certification is like other certification but comparison to them it is much hard.
SAP has desribed the importance of it's certification thus:
   " SAP certification is the ideal way for organizations to assess and verify their consultants on employees' expertise and ensure that they have the skills required to effectively implement and operate SAP solutions."
Many of my friends who have very good experience on SAP I discussed with them about the importance of SAP while making carrier.After their valuable replies I found that the importance of SAP certification basically depends on two scenarios. One is for the freshers who are new to SAP but have 2 to 3 years of domain experience and the other one is for SAP experienced guys having 2 to 3 years of experience on SAP.
Case 1st: For Freshers who wants to get through in SAP- SAP certification is always beneficial to come into SAP as per the current surplus professionals availability in the market but before coming into SAP field he should have atleast 2 to 3 years of core experience so that he could map the procedure and understand SAP logic.
It also depend on your knowledge that after certification how much you gain.After SAP certification you have a very solid chance to get through in SAP field.I have seen one of my friend as soon as he did certification he got the job offers from Capgemini and HCL.So I think that for freshers SAP certification has a huge impact while coming to SAP.But before going to Certification course one should choose his module carefully.You can get the information about SAP modules in my previous blog.
Case 2nd: For SAP experienced guys - If you see the topics covered in SAP certification,then you will realize that it has most possible solutions available in SAP standard for the module.One of my friend told to me that he has seen experienced  guys without SAP certification not knowing certain standard functionality available in SAP.Sometimes they go for developing the things that could be done by configuration easily.This types of things can be learnt through SAP certification.
I will not say that SAP certification is extremely important for SAP experienced guys but it is much helpful.If you have very good experience then SAP certification will give a some value addition and some fundamental tips.


  1. hi yogesh ,
    i am engineer and i have completed my sap abap module by my own with no training institute now i want to do certification in abap so please tell me is there need of authorized training center . please tell me the procedure for sap crtification.

  2. SAP become very popular in last few years.It is a complete ERP solution provider that teaches you each and everything about enterprise resource planning, one should take a training for it. I too found many training programs in skillconnection-Sydney Apprenticeships program on Information Technology and engineering.

  3. SAP Certification is very tough i heard and need lots of hard work to clear it but all this hard work worth when you get start your career in it.