Monday, July 4, 2011

SAP MM: Material Master Record

Material Master Record is used to store material specific data. Material master data is used in purchasing, Inventory management and accounting. Material master data lies within following organizational levels:

                                              Storage Location

Client Data: Material Group.
Plant Data: Purchase Order Unit.
Storage Location Data: Storage bin.

Creation of Material Master Record:
 There are various transaction used in Material Master Record:

MM01- Create Material Master Record
MM02- Change Material Master Record
MM03- Display Material Master Record

MM06- Flag for deletion

Process for creation Material Master Record:

When we want to create a new material record, we apply the following process:
1. Use the MM01 transaction or the following path:
SAP Menu-Logistics-Material Management-Material Master-Material-Create (General)
2. On the initial screen, give material number; Select the industry sector and material type.
3. After that select the views for them we want to create the material master record
4. Give the name of the organizational levels.
5. Fill up the required entries in selected views and then save the material master record.

Extend Material Master Record:
If we want to add some more plants to material master, we only have to extend it by using transaction code (MM01) by adding missing views and organizational levels.

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