Thursday, July 14, 2011

SAP MM: Purchasing Inforecord

Purchasing Inforecord provides helps to define vendor-specific information for a material.

“Purchasing Info record provides the option of storing data about a vendor and material as the master data at purchasing organization and plant level.”
We can define the following information in info record:

  1. Current and future prices and conditions(For example Freight and discounts)
  2. Delivery data(For example planned delivery time and over delivery and under delivery tolerances)
  3. Vendor data such as contact person.
  4. Number of the last purchase order.
  5. Texts.

A purchasing inforecord can be valid at both purchasing organization and plant level. Purchasing inforecord also includes general data that is valid cross-client for every purchasing organization or every plant.

Inforecord can be created manually or  can create or change automatically by setting the Infoupdate Indicator when maintaining a Quation,Purchase order or outline agreement.

The transaction codes for inforecord are following as:

  1. Create Inforecord   -  ME21N
  2. Change Inforecord -  ME22N
  3. Display Inforecord  -  ME23N


General Data

                            Purchasing Organization Data

Plant Data

General Data includes Vendor data, order unit and administration data.
Purchasing Organization data includes prices and conditions and purchase order texts.

There are the four types of Purchasing Inforecod:

  1. Standard
  2. Subcontracting
  3. Consignment
  4. Pipeline

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