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SAP Transaction Codes - SAP T-Codes Material Management(SAP MM T-Codes)

Transaction codes for Purchase Order

ME21N               Create Purchase Order
ME22N               Change Purchase Order
ME23N                Display Purchase Order
ME25                  Create PO (with Source Determination)
ME27                  Create Purchase Order (Stock Transfer)
ME28                  Release (Approve) Purchasing Documents
ME29N                Display Purchase Order (Individual Release)

Transaction codes for Purchase Requisition

ME51N                 Create Purchase Requisition
ME52N                 Change Purchase Requisition
ME53N                 Display Purchase Requisition
ME54N                 Release Purchase Requisition (Individual Release)
ME55                   Collective Release of Purchase Requisitions
ME56                   Assign Source to Supply to Requisitions
ME57                   Assign and Process Purchase Requisitions
ME59N                Automatic Creation of Purchase Orders from Requisitions
ME5A                  List Display of Purchase Requisitions

Transaction codes for Material Master Record

MM01                    Create Material
MM02                    Change Material
MM03                    Display Material
MM04                    Display Changes
MM06                    Flag Material for Deletion

Transaction codes for Vendor Master Record

MK01                    Create Vendor (Purchasing)
MK02                    Change Vendor (Purchasing)
MK03                    Display Vendor (Purchasing)
MK05                    Block/Unblock Vendor (Purchasing)
MK06                    Flag for Deletion Vendor (Purchasing)
XK01                     Create Vendor (Centralized)
XK02                     Change Vendor (Centralized)
XK03                     Display Vendor (Centralized)

Transaction codes for Request for Quotation

ME41                     Create RFQ
ME42                    Change RFQ
ME43                    Display RFQ
ME44                    Maintain RFQ Supplement
ME47                    Maintain Quotation
ME48                    Display Quotation
ME49                    Price Comparison List

Transaction codes for Purchasing Info Record

ME11                    Create Info Record
ME12                    Change Info Record
ME13                    Display Info Record
ME14                    Changes to Purchasing Info Record
ME15                    Flag Info Record for Deletion
ME16                    Deletion Proposals for Info Records
ME18                    Send Purchasing Info Record

Transaction codes for Source List

ME01                    Maintain Source List
ME03                    Display Source List
ME04                    Changes to Source List
ME05                    Generate Source List
ME06                     Analyze Source List
ME0M                   Source List for Material

Transaction codes for Outline Agreement

ME31                     Create Outline Agreement
ME32                     Change Outline Agreement
ME33                     Display Outline Agreement
ME31K                   Create Contract
ME32K                   Change Contract
ME33K                   Display Contract
ME31L                   Create Scheduling Agreement
ME32L                   Change Scheduling Agreement
ME33L                   Display Scheduling Agreement
ME34                     Maintain Outline Agreement Supplement
ME34K                   Maintain Contract Supplement
ME34L                   Maintain Scheduling Agreement Supplement

Transaction codes for Quota Arrangement

MEQ1                   Maintain Quota Arrangement
MEQ3                   Display Quota Arrangement
MEQ4                   Changes to Quota Arrangement
MEQ6                   Analyze Quota Arrangement
MEQ8                   Quota Arrangement for Material

Transaction codes for Physical Inventory

MI01                      Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02                      Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03                      Display Physical Inventory Document

Transaction codes for Inventory Count

MI04                      Enter
MI09                      Enter with Document Reference
MI05                      Change
MI06                      Display

Transaction codes for Difference

MI07                      Post
MI08                      Count/Difference
MI10                      Enter with Document Reference
MI20                      Difference List

Transaction codes for reservation

MB21                    Create Reservation
MB22                    Change Reservation
MB23                    Display Reservation
MB24                    Reservation by Material
MB25                    Reservation by Account Assignment

MMBE                   Stock Overview

Other Transaction codes

ME35                      Release (Approve) Purchasing Documents
ME35K            Release (Approve) Purchasing Documents (Outline Agreement)
ME35L     Release (Approve) Purchasing Documents (Scheduling Agreement)
ME37                     Create Scheduling Agreement   
ME38                     Maintain Scheduling Agreement Schedule
ME39                     Display Scheduling Agreement Schedule
ME3B                     Purchasing Documents per Requirement Tracking Number
ME3C                     Purchasing Documents for Material Group
ME3J                      Outline Agreements per Project
ME3K                     Purchasing Documents per Account Assignment
ME3L                      Purchasing Documents per Vendor
ME3M                     Purchasing Documents for Material
ME3N                     Purchasing Documents per Document Number

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