Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Important Tables used in SAP MM - SAP MM Tables

There are many tables used in SAP MM.Some of important tables are given below:

List of Important tables used in SAP MM:

MARA - Material Master: General data
MAKT - Material Master: Description
MARM - Material Master: Unit of Measure

EKKO - Purchasing Document Header
MARC - Material master: Plant data
MARD - Material master: Storage location
EBKN - Purchase Requisition: account assignment
EKPO - Purchasing Document: Item
EBAN - Purchase Requisition
EKAB - Release Documentation
EKET - Purchasing Document: Delivery Schedules
EKKN - Account assignment in purchasing document
EORD - Purchasing Source List
EIPA - Order price history record
EKAB - Release documentation
EINE - Purchasing info record: purchasing organization data
KONP - Condition Item
KONH - Condition Header
ISEG - Physical inventory document items
MDLV - MRP Areas
MDLG - MRP Areas - Storage Locations
MDLW - MRP Areas - Plants
MDLL - MRP Areas - Subcontractor
EINA - Purchasing Info Record- General Data
MBEW - Material Valuation
MKPF - Header- Material Document
MVER - Material Consumption
EINE - Purchasing Info Record- Purchasing Organization Data
MAST - Material to BOM Link
MBEW - Material Valuation
MSEG - Document Segment- Material
MVKE - Sales Data for materials
RKPF - Document Header- Reservation
T023 - Material Groups
T024 - Purchasing groups
T030 - Standard Accounts Table (Automatic Account Determination)
T156 - Movement Type
T157H - Help Texts for Movement Types
MOFF - Lists what views have not been created
A501 - Plant/Material
EKBE - History per Purchasing Document
EKKO - Purchasing Document Header
IKPF - Header- Physical Inventory Document
ISEG - Physical Inventory Document Items
LFA1 - Vendor Master (General section)
LFB1 - Vendor Master (Company Code)
NRIV - Number range intervals
RESB - Reservation/dependent requirements
T161T - Texts for Purchasing Document Types

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